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Concessions are the one fundraiser that the Boosters host that we simply
CAN NOT do without the support of our parents!

To volunteer, click on the sport you would like to work the concessions stand below. 

Freedom Field

The Edison Athletic Boosters are excited to announce our new project "27s for #27."  The goal of this project is to place the number 27 on a turf field, permanently so we may honor and remember #27 Maxton Soviak, for his contributions both on and off the field.  This project entails the renovation of the Edison Charger football field including the track.

This is where we need your help! We are looking for sponsors to help us make the “27s for #27” a reality. We believe the only way to honor and remember Maxton is by making the 27s a permanent fixture of our football field and modernizing our stadium in his honor. 

Please click below to see how you can be a part of this dedication to one of own, one of our fallen soldiers, Max Soviak.

In his high school career, Max was an was instrumental in leading our Edison Chargers to the final four playoff games during his junior year and as a captain his senior year. Since Maxton was such an integral part of the team and the program, that after Maxton’s passing that his classmate Bryce Ostheimer recommended we paint the number 27 on our grass field at each 27 hashmark honoring the number he wore so proudly as a Charger.

Please click below on how you can make a contribution to honoring Max Soviak on the Edison Charger field.


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