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Quarters for Cash

Committee Chair:  Renae Miller

Feeling a little lucky?  Quarters for Cash is your "ticket" to participate and raise funds for our athletes!  To purchase a ticket, you can either stop by the EHS Athletic Office, contact a booster or click on the link below!  Either way, buy a ticket before the season starts to give you the best opportunites to win!

Spend $100 and enter to win your chance at $500 (on 17 occasions)

or $1,000, $1,500, $2,000 in the final home game!  These are some great odds!

Note:  All online orders will be charged a 3% processing fee.

Congratulations to the 2023 season winners!

Game 1 (8/18):   Edison vs Firelands

Bonus Game Winner

Deb Divers

Game 3 (9/8):   Edison vs Berkshire

1st Quarter - Merry-Go-Round Museum

2nd Quarter - Diane Church

3rd Quarter - John Nolan

4th Quarter - MaryAnn Barylski

Game 5 (9/22):   Edison vs Bellevue

1st Quarter - Becky Werner

2nd Quarter - Mike Gfell

3rd Quarter - Chris Martin

4th Quarter - John Nolan

Game 2 (8/25):   Edison vs St. Paul

1st Quarter - Bob Meagrow

2nd Quarter - Bonnie Shelley 

3rd Quarter - TekSeal

4th Quarter - Jamie and Brooke Gfell

Game 4 (9/15):   Edison vs Norwalk

1st Quarter - Jason Hermes

2nd Quarter - Amanda Davidson

3rd Quarter - John Betts

4th Quarter - Joe Shinski

Game 6 (10/20):   Edison vs Huron

1st Quarter - Edison Board of Education

2nd Quarter - Brittany Followay

3rd Quarter - Jack Sears

4th Quarter - Kay Kardotzke


Quarters for Cash!

For our high-roller Charger Fans, buy a Quarters for Cash ticket with a continuous chance to win at least $500 per quarter at our home football games.  5 games = 20 chances to win, MONEY!

And...even if you win one quarter, we throw your ticket back in for another try to win more! 

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